CLT Geo Energetics

Ancient philosophers had long believed that the world is covered by a network of energy lines. In the 1960s, Russian scientists published findings that the earth could be built on a lattice-work pattern representing a matrix of cosmic energy. This grid system directs the cosmic energy (Qi) to the premises and the environment. CLT Geo Energetics was developed over a decade of research and exploratory work based on the research framework pioneered by earlier scientists. It employs our proprietary method for detecting energetic imbalances and abnormalities in an environment and uses strategic placement of natural crystals to create a crystal grid to harness and direct pure energies from the cosmos into buildings. This grid helps address any imbalances to achieve a harmonious living or working space. Through the course of our research work, we have found that grids of energy may become distorted, misaligned and de-structured due to human interference e.g. deforestation, landscape alterations, modern infra-structural installations and depletion of minerals. In addition to this, disharmony amongst humans can also cause distortion of energy grids.

Distinctive Advantages of using CLT Geo Energetics

  • Dynamic evaluation and remedy. HG employs an advanced and proprietary method for accurately detecting and evaluating subtle energetic imbalances and abnormalities in the environment and uses natural crystals, a highly energetic form of pure matter, to harness and direct cosmic energies into buildings.
  • Utilizes Light (cosmic) energy. Light is the best and purest form of natural energy that can be readily transduced by natural crystals to various forms of usable energy that is suitable for the environment, such as Qi.
  • No structural renovations required. Does not require expensive structural alterations or renovations to the premises.
  • Intelligent self monitoring. Able to independently and automatically reorganise, control and enhance the energy flow in an environment.
  • Sustained energy release. Able to harness and release energy all the time to constantly regulate the energy of the environment. Many other systems resort to non-energetic methods such as passive symbolic objects or costly structural renovations.
  • Protects building occupants. Amplifies the energy field of the environment thereby neutralizing electromagnetic transmissions, localized geopathic stresses and negative energy projections from unknown sources.
  • Adaptable. Effectively counters and adapts to energetic shifts caused by landscape changes and property developments, modern infra-structural installations, structural renovation of the building or by distortion/misalignment of the Universal gridlines attributable to natural causes or time-cycle changes.
  • Speedy. Able to speedily create or restore a conducive and harmonious living and working environment for the occupants through strategic placement of crystals without wasting time and money on other non-energetic systems.
  • Energy management. Helps occupants to manage their energy efficiently.
  • Restoration of minerals. CLT Geo Energetics helps to replenish and balance minerals in the home / office environment.