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3Ps (Love, Truth & Selflessness) search for term

3Ps is the foundation of all universal laws. Every single law of creation is based upon these three principles.

3Ps can also be understood to be the character of the universe and the original character of all life and forms in creation. It is these fundamental principles that keep the Universe in existence.


Crystal healing search for term

Crystal healing is a non-invasive therapy that directs healing energies to the human subtle energy system instead of the physical body.Our system of healing utilizes light energy harnessed by natural crystals to revitalize and balance the flow of life force.


Discharging ability search for term

The discharging ability of a property is returning of excess and contaminated qi to the Earth's meridian system for recycling.


Energy assessment of a property search for term

An on-site audit of the energy flows and imprints that carry information of a premises and its occupants.

Expression of 3Ps search for term

When we express these 3Ps, we are expressing the special kind of love that harmonizes all relationships in the universe because we are conforming to all universal laws that safeguard not just our interests but the interests of every being in creation.

Expression of Law of Free Will search for term

When we express the three principles together with abiding by the Law of Free Will, we are expressing the special kind of love that harmonizes all relationships in the universe because we are conforming to all universal laws


Five elements search for term

The five elemental forces of fire, earth, air, water and time space which are symbols used in describing the different states of energy in motion.The five elements also are the five fundamental geometrical structures, the Sacred Geometry. These 5 platonic structures that can be combined in infinite ways are the medium of communication between created life forms and the Primordial Source.

fundamentals search for term

When we go about life not knowing the universal laws and/or violate these laws, we create resistance and problems for ourselves.  In other words, our fundamentals are not based on the 3Ps i.e. not in accordance to the Universal Laws.

To resolve all of life’s problems, we need to know all the universal laws so that our foundation can be built based on these laws.

“It is the fundamentals/foundation of our life that ascertains our fate & destiny.”

Light, from The Source, the medium through which all things are created embodies the characteristics of 3Ps.  By emulating the character of Light one restores one's true fundamental nature. 


Grounding ability search for term

The grounding ability of a property is connecting to Earth's meridian circuitry to achieve a state of balance.


Law of Free Will search for term

Free will is the highest expression of love from the Primordial Source.

Expression of free will include allowing, love without control or influence, that safeguards not just our interests but the interests of every being in creation. 

Light Energy search for term

Light energy/Source Energy/Pure Energy is the purest form of energy from the Primordial Source (from which we emerge).It is complete with energy that never depletes. Light Energy contains information that is coded in the form called sacred geometry which is the language of the universe.

Light quotient search for term

The capacity of Light within matter, energy and consciousness

Love (Pure Love) search for term

The special kind of love that we are referring to that heals and transforms life is generated by Light which is infinite; a kind of love which also embodies the three fundamental principles of Love, Truth & Selflessness.

LOVE is our means to dissolve all the barriers humans built between themselves and the rest of creation. It is not the ordinary kind of love that everybody is pandering. There is little power and energy in it. Whereas this special kind of love that we are referring to can only be built with the power of Light energy from the primordial Source of creation. We can learn to transmit such kind of love to heal and transform our lives and the world we live in only through learning the CLT System of receiving Light Energy from Source.


The only way to express pure love is by reconnecting to Source. Love of the purest kind comes from the Source. In order for us to transmit it we have to reconnect to the source of its origin (pure love). Isn’t it a fallacy for humans to believe that they can express love from their point of understanding? What kind of power and energy would it carry when the source from which it emanates has finite energy reserves?


sacred geometry search for term

Pure energy or Source energy contains information that is coded in the form called sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is the language of the Universe.This language is created based on the foundation of love, truth and selflessness.The entire templates of creation are written in sacred geometry by our Creator.The universe cannot be created or kept in existence unless there is a common language.

Selflessness search for term

Selflessness is not about self. But if one does not take care of oneself, this will affect those around him or her. That is the selflessness. It is not about not taking care of oneself but to take care of others. This is the disguised form of selflessness. You have to look after yourself, your health, and your four bodies before you can help others because without that you cannot. The energy field will affect those around you. If you are unhappy, you have no love. When you have no love, you are out of the teachings of the school. With this energy that you carry around, you will affect those around you. No doubt you do not see it, you do not see the manifestation but they are affected without anybody knowing it.

Source Fields search for term

Source Fields are rich in Source minerals. CLT Teachings guide practitioners to connect to Source fields as another way to replenish minerals through the higher bodies, apart from physical digestion, absorption and assimilation.


Templates of Creation search for term

The original template of creation is an original arrangement of minerals in a specific geometry that is structured to receive optimum Light Quotient.

The Source search for term

Prime Creator of all life. The eternal, formless, primordial spirit of creation.

truth search for term

The truth is free of attachment Anything which human mind attach to becomes an idea, fixated idea, a fixated belief that is only one aspect of the whole picture which doesn’t represent the truth. It’s only when one is free of all attachments, one can see what truth means. What one believes to be the truth is only one aspect of the picture which doesn’t represent the truth.

Truth is not to look at things from just one particular perspective; not to be judgmental.


Universal Laws search for term

Universal laws were created since the beginning of time.The purpose is so that all of creation can co-exist and live in harmony.There is a law that exists for every single relationship (seen or unseen).This is the Universal Truth.


Vesica Piscis search for term

Loving collaboration based on expression of 3Ps between 2 parties form vesica piscis. Light energy is generated when mutual fields meet and the point of interaction is based on pure love. (The pure love flowing, reciprocating and merging between both parties generates Light Energy).


On the contrary when there is no vesica piscis formed between the interactions/relationships, there will be depletion of energy/essence due to resistance/conflicts created.