CLT Measures Helped My Family Overcome Energy Deficiency

ENERGY DEPLETION & CONSEQUENCES: In year 2011, I joined hubby’s firm to help him manage it. Deep down, I did not like it, having to come out of retirement, so resentment built up. I was trying very hard to juggle family and office matters and this took a heavy toll on my then-not-optimal level of energy reserves. At that time, like many of us, we ate following the wrong food combination: meat, veggies and carbohydrates. Coupled with wrong food combination, worries and anxieties are big time energy robbers. On that fateful day, I took a heavy lunch comprising of rendang chicken, santan rice and veggies which made me drowsy. After picking up our youngest son from school, we were caught in a bad traffic snarl. I literally doused of at the steering wheel and knocked into the back of big pick-up truck. Luckily, no physical harm but suffered most from shock especially me. That was a huge wake-up call for me and from then on, I practiced CLT movement and still forms diligently, ensuring that I minimize emotional outbursts which drain our already limited energy reserves. I also begun observing closely my food combination and noticed that whenever I took the 3 wrong food combination, it resulted in making me sleepy, indicating a lot of energy has been channelled to digest the wrong food types. With topping up of my energy reserves, I find that I have more energy to analyse situations with clarity and able to understand some of the dynamics happening. With this understanding, I am able to minimize adding onto the dramas either in the office or at home. I am able to stand back and think before responding to situations, very much less reacting. I have also found that when I am able to surrender and go with the flow, matters get resolved. For example, recently, I faced two situations between staff whereby 2 of them threatened (both had misunderstandings with one another) to resign despite my discussions with them. By that time, I was quite tired of having staff threatening to resign and came to terms that I have done what I can possibly do to help diffuse the tense situations but if they chose to resign, I shall accept their resignations and deal with the matter of hiring replacements when the time comes. When I let go, there was a sense of peace and I found that my energy reserves did not dip too badly. And, the good news is that having released that unpleasant emotion, both staff chose to continue working and have actually mended their relationship. They are not good friends but civil towards each other and most importantly, work does not get affected. TOPPING UP NUTRIENTS REALLY IMPACTS MOODS POSITIVELY Talking about how topping up nutrition leads to improvement in relationships, I can vouch for it. Recently, both our older sons came back for 3 weeks’ holiday, having stayed away for a few months. Their nutrition level was quite low, eating outside food that are devoid of nutrients. Eldest was easily agitated and full of complaints whenever he opened his mouth to say something. Second son had a bad emotional drain with another student in college. He became hyper sensitive. In the second week of their vacation, I gave them Sulphur tablets, a high dose of Vitamin C, Spirulina and Chlorella tablets. After taking them for less than a week, my eldest son’s mood improved significantly, he was less stubborn, more receptive to others – able to talk to family members without flying off the handle, even offered to help in cooking dinner instead of constantly being glued in front of his laptop, playing computer games! Second son has been having pent up frustrations for a long, long time. He was so emotionally drained that after eating just one bad grape, his weak immune system caved in and he had severe food poisoning. He was able to finally verbalise his frustrations and it was a major release for him. He felt a huge relief and a great weight was lifted off his chest. He slept better. When he came back initially, he looked like a panda bear, with very dark crescent moon eye bags. After the emotional release, the dark patches actually lightened substantially since he could finally relax and sleep. Mrs Y 2015