• It operates mainly behind the scene, like digestion and breathing. It’s not something that we consciously think about, and then we realize what an important role it plays when we are threatened by a potential disease or a viral outbreak; as in the case of the coronavirus.

  • The CLT EMS education series is designed to help participants develop an understanding of how the human body works and how to best manage human physiology via the energetics pathway.

    Facilitated by our in-house Energetics Coaches, the programme begins with an energetic scan using the Biowell wellness tracking system to identify the participants’ current systemic failure/ dysfunction.  

  • How did this lady end up in depression in her twilight years? She belongs to the Silent Generation group typically evident in Asian cultures which displays the common characteristics of: hard work over long hours in gruelling work conditions,
    willing to wait for delayed rewards, unquestioned loyalty, respectful of authority, conforming, preferring not to ruffle feathers/nor initiate conflict, fearful of freedom of expression, prefers safety, security and consistency, a team player,
    “we” and basically, a traditionalist.

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