CLT Protocol for Hemorrhoid Bleeding - Mere Change of Diet

Miss V was bleeding during her bowel movement every morning for 10 days since Chinese New Year (2014). She tried to control her diet and was very diligent on consuming supplements such as probiotics, enzymes and milk thistle.

Medical Suspicion or Confirmation (by Doctors)

In order to return to work, Miss V consulted a doctor but the oral medication did little to arrest her bleeding problem.


The probable cause of hemorrhoid bleeding due to work stress was eliminated as the bleeding started during the holidays.

Energetic Diagnosis

Not conducted.


CLT profiler advised Miss V to abstain from eating chicken meat, chicken eggs and papayas as such food are found to open wounds and suppress the body’s natural healing process.

She was advised to consume garlic oil and rosehip oil. Miss V also applied garlic oil onto the hemorrhoid twice daily, morning and night.

After 4 days of implementing the measures, Miss V’s case is solved.


The key inferences are:

  • Foods such as chicken meat, chicken eggs and papayas re-open wounds and stop the body’s natural healing process
  • With the right nutrients – sulphur (from garlic oil) and vitamin C (from rosehip oil), the body is able to kick start its natural healing process