CLT Protocol for Reversing Dyslexia

By conventional definition, dyslexia is a brain condition with no known cure. At best, it is only management of the dysfunction by the person suffering from this condition. Our CLT practitioners, Alex’s and Jennifer’s son was dyslexic. At the time they discovered their son’s condition, they did not know that there is no known cure and by then they have already joined Heaven’s Gift.

They decided to walk the road less travelled or rather never travelled before by others. It is parenting with a totally revolutionary system which many parents would not even envision of attempting, let alone embracing it. But Alex and Jennifer unwaveringly embraced it in totality. And this has helped their son reverse his condition to become a normal functioning individual with the potential of contributing towards the future of humanity.

Alex’s and Jennifer’s application of the CLT system has helped to blaze a trail where none existed before. It is our earnest hope that when more are willing to follow this trail, it will become a path, then a road and eventually a superhighway for the betterment of mankind.

We shall now invite you to listen in to Alex as he narrates the story of their journey in his own words; how the CLT system not only helped their son but in the process, they too had been helped . . .

“I am not an expert on this topic but I will try my best to tell you my story on how I helped my son overcome his problem.

To all the parents out there who are struggling to help their children cope with autism, dyslexia, ADHD and other brain-related dysfunction, I hope my story offers you some hope and for you to consider a different approach in caring for your children.

My son whom I love very much, who at aged 4, was lagging behind the rest of the kids in his class. I paid no attention to it initially as I thought he was just being playful and could not care less at that age. But as he grew older, his issues became more apparent. He was having problems with phonetics, and my wife initially thought that he was just being lazy. But then the teacher reported to us that she has to allow my son to run around the classroom every 15 minutes in order to stabilize him. He was just too hyperactive. My son was distraught and believed that he was stupid as he could not understand what the teachers taught. One day when I tried to help him with his homework, I realised he could not differentiate certain alphabets and numbers in his mind. My son was dyslexic and suffering from ADHD. He was very angry with himself and at others who looked down on him. There was nothing worse than watching your son emotionally bashing himself.

I do not know whether it was destiny or a mere coincidence at that time when I got to know Bob. Bob is the Founder of Heaven's Gift Academy of Crystal Energetics. I shared my son's problem with him. He was kind enough to teach me whatever he taught to the other practitioners about the healing properties of Light, nutrition, energetic practice, crystal grid and energy management. I took the information and energy, and tried to understand it and applied it to my son. The teaching is a radical shift from conventional healing. I was prepared to earnestly apply what Bob had taught me to help my son.

The method and approach of CLT healing are truly radical. It involves force field or energy field. My wife and I were taught on how to cleanse our energy fields and replenish our energies. My house and office similarly have crystal grids that can process energies in the environment. We were not aware that we are constantly exposed to toxic energy fields and that these bad fields can affect and damage the brain DNA. However, a pure and clean energy field can provide a conducive condition for the brain to heal and repair. One of the first changes we made was to install a crystal grid in our home to create an environment that can quarantine my son from energetic toxins such as radiation and electromagnetic exposure, chemicals in the air and soil, harmful energies brought home from office and from the sick people who came for a visit. At the same time, it also provides a strong energy supply to support and heal my son’s 4 bodies, especially the mental body.

Once my son had the environmental support from the grid and we learned how to cleanse our fields, we looked into his diet. At that time, we did not know the importance of water and how critical water is but we merely followed Bob’s advice to give my son only crystal-charged water to drink. Even the water my son bathed in was crystal-charged. We made him abstain from outside beverages. Only recently, we found out in the Star newspaper on 19 November 2014, that a toxicologist from USA examined the water samples in Malaysia and found that they have the highest level of arsenic, manganese and lead; heavy metals in the world. In his opinion, he believes that water in Malaysia is linked to high autism and brain-related disease. Since10 years ago, the School has known about this and more. Water has memory, and even though the filter can remove the heavy metals from the water but the information of the heavy metals still remains and it is the information that is most toxic to the brain. Unknowingly at that time, we were fortunate that Heaven’s Gift had already developed a method of removing the energetic imprint of such information so that the water could be made safe for my son’s consumption.

Food was next. We learned to cut out all the junk food from his diet and switched to organic food. But even with food being organic, we had to observe if it causes any allergic reaction and eliminate it from his diet. It was a long list starting from milk, sugar, chicken, eggs, lamb, gluten, processed food and drinks etc. We replaced with food that is easily digestible and also included Light-activated supplements in his diet. In short, the food was all energy-saving and nutrients-dense. We also used crystals to cleanse and re-energize all the food he consumed. Food should not take away too much energy from the body for digestion and instead the body’s energy is used to repair the brain.

Conservation of energy for brain repair is a paramount healing principle. Luckily my son was young at that time, so I was not too bothered with how well he was doing in his studies. We were only concerned with whether he could restore his brain functionality. No pressure for him to do well in his studies, we only encouraged him to do his best and not be so hard on himself. No arrangements for tuition or special classes during his kindergarten days. I took it easy on him as this allowed him to conserve more energy.

This whole process of healing took a year and finally, one day Bob told me to feed my son with UDO oil. It was the final piece in the entire healing process. Within days of taking the oil, my son came up to me and explained how a ‘p’ looks like. I knew then his brain was repaired. True enough, he sat for his exams and he was third in his class of 20. Throughout his 3 years in kindergarten, he was always at the bottom 3. The teachers were shocked with the sudden turnaround and queried my wife on what we did to him. Of course, my wife was elated, I remember that vividly in my mind. Later as I shared my experience with my friends, I realised that there is no cure for dyslexia.

If you asked me what we learned and gained from this, it is quite obvious that the prize was my son’s future. He can now be an independent person when my wife and I move on. A heavy burden has been lifted off our shoulders. He can decide his own future. Bob said to us a couple of times, “No parent would take this route with their kids.” We are glad that we did as we had no idea of how to heal our son then. We trust Bob and followed all his advice without any prejudice of opinion, as we had nothing to lose. You might think it was a risky thing to do, but it eventually paid off and it is now no longer risky for others to follow as precedence has been set. Through this experience, we gained a rare insight into this whole brain disease problem. Conventionally, everyone is doing the opposite of what we have been taught. That is why there is no cure.

It is a sad situation as we have noticed that when kids slide in their grades, their parents would react by increasing their tuition hours, force them to study longer hours, scold or pressure them to perform better in their studies. They do not realise that their kid’s brain may be suffering from gradual brain genetic entropy due to energy depletion created by stress, eating too much genetically modified food, high carbohydrate diet, heavy metal poisoning, chemical preservatives, radiation from hand phone and computers and most importantly from malnutrition. Conventional options used by parents may work in the short term but could serve to accelerate the brain entropy of the child. On YouTube there is a talk by Dr Russell Blaylock where he mentioned something interesting about the brain; that you can only notice brain damage after 70% of the brain cells are damaged. Misdiagnosis by parents is common and is expected because brain damage occurs subtly. What we did for our son was simple. We gave him energy support, no stress and fed him with the best nutrition and water with a lot of love and care. The brain repaired itself. Looking back, he was fortunate that we noticed and handled his dyslexia early. If we had waited, the brain genetic entropy might have worsened considerably by now which is 10 years later. It would have required so much more effort and time to normalise his brain.

Do not wait. Address it now when your child is still young. There is no such thing as managing a medical condition. Managing is a nice term for saying we are slowing down the deterioration but it is still deterioration. Do not give up. Fight for your kid's future. My son's story is to give you hope and to assure you that there is now a system to help your kids when you run into a brick wall. Do not believe there is no cure but be prepared to be very committed.”