Improved digestion by proper hydration and not diluting gastric juices!

Absorption and digestion of foods had always been my issues since I was a teen. Although I did not feel bloated after eating, I could tell I had digestive problem from output of my bowel movement. Foods that I ate did not get broken down in my digestive system and they came out still undigested, especially vegetables.

I learned from our School that to optimize digestion, we ought to:

Firstly, build up our hydrochloric acid for digestion by drinking sufficient amount of water before noon. The average amount is 2.5-3.0 litres of plain water (depending on individual requirements).

Secondly, we should not drink close to and after meal times so that we do not dilute our gastric juices. The suggested way is to stop water intake one hour before meal, and to resume one hour after; to aid digestion.

I adopted this protocol for some time but my issues were still not resolved. Learning from the foundation of that protocol, I decided to stop liquid intake two hours before and only begin to drink 90 minutes or two hours after meal. My meals are restricted to only solids. Liquids such as beverages or soups are only taken after foods have been digested.

Initially it was rather difficult for me because I sometimes felt thirsty after a meal especially when I ate out, but as I could feel that foods in my stomach were not completely broken down (still feeling rather full), I would delay quenching my thirst until ‘the right time’ to drink. After a week, I could see results. No more undigested foods in my excrement!


Finding out what is best for one’s body and learning to collaborate with the body is one of the keys to health. As the results of this new habit brought about positive outcome to me, I encourage others to try - and adjust according to your body’s needs where necessary.

Testimonial Author: 
Ms Lee