CLT Geo Energetics Grid Transformed My Character

The crystal grid elevated my family's understanding of the CLT teachings overall.   My wife and I have attended many workshops and forums and practice CLT on a regular basis.  

My child is quite diligent in his CLT 5E practice. He is conscious of eating sensibly (from about 6 years old) and had gained further knowledge on CLT from some workshops. He knows what HG supplements to eat when he is unwell (on few occasions at night) only to inform me when he bounced back the next day. As a young child my son had some health challenges until we acquired CLT consciousness through the support of HG to revamp the meals at home.

Though my daughter has yet to fully embrace CLT but she is attracted to some crystal pieces which she owns and displays in her room. She knows the CLT5E exercise routine and she does practise sometimes on her own free will.

My wife's demanding and stressful job was switched out to several portfolios (the company has a job rotation practice) that are more manageable and with less overseas travel. Although she still has tele-conference calls on some weekday nights, there are opportunities for her to attend discussions on Tuesday/Thursday. The crystal grid with CLT 5E Practice has supported my wife to recover quickly from energy slumps as she deals with her genetic disposition and challenges on her current CLT journey.

I had an undesirable genetic imprint (i.e. fiery temper, judgemental, control-freak, etc.). My energy resonance attracted business partnerships and stressful time-critical consulting assignments that were often politically motivated. Those associations turned me into a walking time bomb as I was wound up in stress during my working life. In the days before the crystal grid, there were several instances where I vented my temper at home. The crystal grid has been installed my home for more than 10 years now. Together with CLT teachings, the grid had given me the support to transform my character successfully. I am now a happy, calm and contended person.

Overall, the crystal grid is supporting a healthy, harmonious and happy family. The conducive environment attracts colourful birds to the tree outside the house which had hosted two nests so far.

Ng Jui Son