CLT was the best thing that ever happened to me!

I was introduced to CLT in Dec 2012 through a friend . I felt an immediate connection at the first workshop I attended. The workshop was a simplified version for only a couple of hours, but it already seemed to give me the answers for many questions I always had.

After the first workshop I started following the food guidelines learned at the workshop. In 3 months I lost about 15 pounds, What impressed me was, I wasn't following the guideline for the purpose of losing weight. However I was able to achieve the result of weight loss, which was something I attempted many times before, but nevertheless always failed.

In March 2013 I attended my first full workshop at the school, during which I learned more about 3P, crystals, supplements, and the 5E practice. After the March workshop I began to practice 5E on a daily basis. I also started taking supplements, and wear crystals on me. And of course I continued to follow the food combination guidelines. By June 2013 I lost another 15 pounds, and since then and until now (Aug 2014), my weight has been stable at 175 pounds. For my height (5'11"), 175 pounds seemed to be a perfect weight, and I am very happy my weight is kept at that level for more than one year now. In addition, over the past 1.5 years my physical health and energy level were also far better than what it used to.

I mentioned about weight loss and physical health, but I felt that was probably the smallest benefit I gained since learning CLT. There were far bigger and more profound changes (positive ones) I experienced at a consciousness level since I started practicing CLT.

When I practice CLT, I don't really ask for any returns. I believe in it, and I wanted to follow it. It's hard for me to describe sometimes, but work wise, relationship wise, things just seemed to change for the better since I practiced CLT. Some of the great things just happened at a timing that I could only "WOW" it. It just seemed like timing was on my side.

But again, getting results was never the purpose of me practicing CLT. I practice CLT because I believe it was the truth.

I honestly think CLT was the best thing that ever happened to me. And I truly appreciate the fact that it was this life time I got to learn the truth in my human consciousness.

Jeff Wu