Crystal Therapy saves money!

My son who is 12 years old had a cyst in one of his eyes. When the cyst kept growing bigger and more painful, my wife and I took him to see an eye specialist. The specialist prescribed medication but it was not effective as the cyst did not subside. Then the specialist advised an eye operation to remove the cyst. It would cost us about RM3,000 for the surgery, medication and follow-up consultations. We decided against the operation not only because of the cost factor but also because of my son’s fear of the operation (which is understandable).

We then went to Heaven’s Gift Crystal Awareness Centre for a consultation. Heaven’s Gift is not new to us as some family members had received successful treatments for various ailments. One of the consultants at the centre, recommended that we buy a bottle of mineral bath crystals. We were asked to use this bottle of crystals to charge some water to dab on my son’s forehead and eyes, 3 times a day. In addition, my son was asked to daily drink one bottle of Heaven’s Gift crystal-charged water. My son also went for a couple of healing sessions which are held at the centre every Sunday. After diligently following a consultant's recommended treatment, the cyst started shrinking and after about two weeks, it disappeared completely. My wife, son and I are very impressed and grateful with HG’s alternative crystal healing therapy. As the crystal therapy only cost less than 10% of the proposed operation cost, HG’s final advice to us was to place the money saved in the bank!

Ramachandram Appalanaidu